Embracing Employee Wellness on National Sickie Day


As we navigate through the first Monday in February, famously dubbed "National Sickie D...

Emma West

By Emma West

As we navigate through the first Monday in February, famously dubbed "National Sickie Day," let's take a moment to reflect on the importance of employee wellness.

It's no secret that life can get a bit overwhelming at times, and the temptation to hit the snooze button on responsibilities can be pretty strong. National Sickie Day, although whimsically named, sheds light on the need for balance in our lives and the importance of nurturing our mental and physical well-being.

At Kinetica, we understand that our team members are not just cogs in the corporate wheel; they are valuable individuals with lives beyond the office walls. Whether it's a case of post-holiday blues, a bit of winter-induced fatigue, or just the need for a mental health day, we encourage open communication and understanding within our organisation. 

We are committed to promoting employee wellness and to support our employees we offer:

  1. Flexible Schedules: We recognise the need for work-life balance. Our flexible working policy allow you to flex your working hours and location to manage your workload while tending to personal needs.
  2. Wellness Programs: We provide our employees with a mental health support scheme: Health Assured. As part of the programme you are entitled to free counselling sessions. Also, we don't want our employees to feel the need to throw a sickie, so we have provided our employees with 2 wellbeing days so they can take free time off when they need a personal day.
  3. Open Dialogue: We have an open-door policy and a supportive environment where our employees well-being matters. We encourage our employees to reach out if they need any help regardless if it is work related or not.

Remember, it's okay to hit pause when needed. Taking care of yourself ultimately leads to a happier, more productive you! We are committed to prioritising wellness and to make every day a celebration of balance and resilience.

If you are interested in a career at Kinetica, contact: emma@kinetica.co.uk.

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