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Putting People First Pays Off

2024 Culture 100 Award Winners.

We are thrilled to announce out of over 5000 companies meticulously evaluated, Kinetica has been awarded the prestigious Culture 100 Award for 2024. 

The Culture 100 Awards spotlight the forward-thinkers who understand that true success stems from nurturing a progressive, people-centric workplace culture. Through our unwavering dedication to our employees, we've earned this distinction, standing tall among the UK's top recruitment companies.

We are proud to be recognised as a “People First” recruitment company and we plan to continue to foster an environment where every individual thrives. 

Our Approach

Enjoy True Flexibility.

Finding the right balance between work and home life can be challenging, but it's vital for our overall well-being. At Kinetica we understand the importance of acting as a supportive employer to help our employees achieve this.

We have fostered an environment that respects personal time, encourages flexibility, and promotes a culture of understanding and empathy. We have found that our approach benefits our employees and enhances overall success as it paves the way for a happier, healthier, and ultimately a more productive workforce.

Championing Our People

Diversity and Inclusion at Kinetica.

Diversity and inclusion is paramount at Kinetica. We believe that a diverse workforce fosters innovation, enriches our understanding of customers, and promotes a culture of respect and belonging. Embracing diversity isn't just about compliance; it's the key to our success and a brighter future.

At Kinetica, we are continually evolving how we operate to ensure we maintain a nurturing environment and remain a place where everyone can be themselves. 

Proud to be part of it

"I have worked at Kinetica for over 14 years and love the fact that we're not afraid to adapt to be ahead of the times. I am proud of the fact, we actively encourage people to be themselves at all times. It's what makes us, us."

To further our commitment to cultivate a diverse and inclusive workplace, we've formed our Diversity and Inclusion Workshop Group. This dedicated team plays a pivotal role in shaping and driving forward our D&I Action Plan, ensuring that we're not only talking about our commitment to diversity, but actively implementing strategies to make it a reality. We firmly believe that by working collectively through this group, we can further our mission of creating a fair and inclusive environment for everyone.

Company Office Days

Creating a Positive Culture.

At Kinetica, one of our main goals is to foster a strong sense of connection among our team members. Given our dynamic working environment, which includes consultants working remotely or in a hybrid fashion, we are committed to preventing any sense of isolation among our employees. To ensure this doesn’t happen we host a monthly Company Office Day, where all team members gather at our headquarters in Leeds.

During this day, we provide updates on company activities and host meetings to make key business decisions, followed by a fully paid for lunch and a team building activity. This not only keeps our team informed about company developments, but creates a sense of unity and camaraderie among colleagues. Importantly, it allows everyone to engage in social activities without the weight of work-related responsibilities.

We believe that these gatherings provide an opportunity for our team to come together as one cohesive unit and enjoy quality time with one another. The range of activities we've enjoyed includes the Crystal Maze challenge, cookery days, shuffleboard, darts, crazy golf, and many more.

What Do We Provide?

No Gender Pay Gap.

At Kinetica, we firmly believe in the principle of equal pay for equal work, irrespective of gender.

Our commitment to this principle is evident in our workplace where there is no gender pay gap throughout our teams hierarchy. We take immense pride in ensuring that every individual, regardless of their gender, is compensated fairly for performing the same role. This not only promotes a sense of justice and equality within our organisation, but also underlines our dedication to creating a truly inclusive and merit-based work environment where every member of our team is recognised and rewarded for their contributions based on the value they bring to the company.

Enhanced Maternity and Paternity Pay.

As new parents, there's an abundance of things to consider, and we believe that financial concerns should not be one of them. This is why we proudly provide enhanced maternity and paternity pay, ensuring that our employees can take the time they need to bond with their child and navigate the early stages of parenthood without worrying about their financial well-being. We are committed to supporting our new parents, allowing them to embrace the special moment fully with a smooth transition into this new and exciting chapter of their lives.

What Can You Expect From Us?

Freedom to Be You.

At Kinetica, we respect your abilities. Whether you're working from home or in the office, we trust you to get the job done. We allow you to work flexibly to suit your schedule, as we want our employees to feel like they have genuine balance in their life, ensuring no one succumbs to the dreaded burnout that is common in the recruitment industry.

We'll collaborate with you to establish the framework essential for your success. You'll have the freedom to expand your presence in market sectors and regions you believe hold potential, all without the burden of unnecessary KPIs or excessive micromanagement. 

We want to empower you to create your own success story and develop a long and successful career with us.

Creating the Perfect Work-Life Balance.

We get that recruitment can be tough, especially when you're working across different time zones. But here, there's no pressure to overwork or burn out. We believe in working hard when you're on the clock and then logging off when your day is done. 

We're all about fostering a healthy work-life balance, and we've got your back with a mental health support program, wellness days, team-building events, and the flexibility to tailor your work around your life. We trust you to define your path to success on your terms.

Championing Charity

Our Corporate Friendship with the Dogs Trust.

Kinetica is delighted to announce our corporate partnership with the Dogs Trust. Whilst our day to day work has a significant impact transforming the lives of our clients and candidates, we also firmly believe in the importance of making a positive impact on the community and the lives of animals in need.

We are dedicated to supporting this noble cause through the capital generated from various fundraising events and volunteering opportunities at our local Dogs Trust re-homing centre. Stay tuned on our social media channels for updates on the upcoming, thrilling events, which will include a Halloween pumpkin carving competition, a sponsored dog walk, and delightful bake sales.

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