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Get to know the people at Kinetica and what they enjoy most about working for us. 

Introducing Our Team.

Welcome to the heart and soul of our organization - our exceptional team. Meet the talented individuals who drive our mission forward, each bringing their unique skills, passion, and expertise to the table. Get to know the faces behind the vision and discover the diverse talents that make us who we are. We're proud to introduce the individuals who work tirelessly to achieve our goals and make a positive impact every day.

A Note from Our Managing Director

Working for Kinetica.

"If you are searching for a relaxed and mature workplace atmosphere, then Kinetica is the company for you. We pride ourselves on cultivating a nurturing work environment that stands in stark contrast to the conventional corporate and often toxic culture found in many recruitment agencies. Our primary aim is to guide you on your journey towards achieving your professional goals within your chosen market sector, whilst still granting you the independence you deserve with zero micromanagement. We lead through example, providing inspiration for you to create your own success story by developing innovative business strategies that will propel you toward your career ambitions."

Matthew Tuton - Managing Director.

"I chose to join Kinetica as I was very impressed with their growth plans and the opportunity to build an all-encompassing healthcare division, with free reign to include whichever sectors I see fit within it. In the short time I have been with Kinetica it has had a hugely positive impact on my work life balance,. They are flexible in the amount of time you spend between home and the office and are understanding of the unpredictable nature having a young family can, from time to time, spring on you. I really enjoy working for Kinetica as the directors treat you like an adult and give you the autonomy to run your desk as you see fit, whilst still supporting you and giving you their opinions when requested. It is a mature environment and everyone is there for the right reason: to be successful and to make a positive impact to the hugely important sectors that they operate within."

Tom Lawrenson
Head of Healthcare
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